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Most Popular Fandoms

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Dec 16,  · Watch video · The most popular HP character (in English-language stories) in was Harry Potter (natch), followed by Draco Malfoy and then Hermione Granger. Remus Lupin ranked surprisingly high at No. 4, with Ron Weasley back at No. 5.

Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter Spells, Harry Potter Things, Fan Fiction, Fiction Books, Marauders Era, Sorting Hat, Sirius Black, Book Worms Find this Pin and more on Harry Potter ⚡️ ️ by Lily S. July: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is published in the United Kingdom and North America.

Cedric Diggory becomes the first recurring character in the series to die. The Three-Year Summer begins. Harry Potter has something for everyone, and anyone who says any different probably just needs a hug.

Harry Potter has changed countless people for the better! It's the fandom that's super prevalent in some people and in some it's the fandom that never goes out of style.

Harry Potter is the fandom that is always there to welcome you home. It is a common misconception — to paraphrase a commenter in the previous post on common misconceptions about publishing, that "the only two people that matter are the author and the reader (one puts creativity in, the other money: the rest add cost)".

This is a bit like saying that in commercial.

Using google in comparing various types of fanfiction and the largest harry potter fandom followed b
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