The uses of directness within the conversation

Conversational constraints theory

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American Directness and the Japanese

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Language Acquisition: Discourse, Narrative and Pragmatics Barbara Zurer Pearson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst as in conversation, or in various forms of monologue, most to change the degree of directness of their requests when prompted to say it “even more.

Dominance and deference in conversation 89 subjects are equally likely to pick either pattern.) After subjects made an initial choice, who agreed to within six seconds 74% of the time. When the timing of coders differed by more than six seconds, the speaker was retimed. Executing delivery of a difficult message requires directness and sensitivity, which is most effective when communicated within the first 30 seconds of a difficult conversation.

Conversational constraints theory

Saying “I” rather than “you” regulates blame, disarms defensiveness and claims responsibility for the message. Directness is considered a form of impoliteness in Japan. Therefore, when we want to be polite, we speak and act very indirectly. For example, we seldom say, "I'll go.

Many foreigners misinterpret this directness, or bluntness, for rudeness. For example, the French consider a lot of an American’s conversation to be boring and long-winded.

The French prefer short concise answers to the lengthy responses of American’s (Carroll 23). COMM Exam 3. STUDY. PLAY.

Politeness theory

Linda's speech focused on the chain of command within her department. To best demonstrate the communication networks among the employees, Linda used which type of chart? Which nonverbal behavior is most important in maintaining the quality of directness in speech delivery? props.

The uses of directness within the conversation
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