The shocking fall of communism in eastern and central europe

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Revolutions of 1989

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The Rapid Fall of Communism

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CHRONOLOGY-Communism's fall around eastern Europe

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Revolutions of 1989

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The Downfall of Communism in Eastern and Central Europe

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Empire Falls: The Revolutions of The story of communism's rise and fall in Eastern Europe is a tale of two revolutions. The shocking fall of communism in Eastern and central Europe in the late eighties was remarkable for both it;s rapidity and its scope. In each of the nations, the communist regimes in power were forces to transfer that power to radically different institutions than they were accustomed to.

Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, On the night of November 9,the Berlin Wall—the most potent symbol of the cold-war division of Europe—came down. Earlier that day, the Communist authorities of the German Democratic Republic had announced the removal of travel restrictions to democratic West Berlin.

Election chronology in Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia – Between June and April every Communist or former communist Central and Eastern European or Asian country, and in the case of the USSR and Yugoslavia every constituent republic, held competitive parliamentary elections for the first time in many decades.

It has been about that long since communism was imposed on most of Eastern and Central Europe; in the Soviet Union, it has been longer, but we have to take into account the shot in the arm that Soviet communism got from the Great Patriotic War against fascism.

The Downfall of Communism in Eastern and Central Europe The shocking fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe in the late eighties was remarkable for both its rapidity and its scope. The specifics of communism's demise varied among nations, but similarities in both the causes and the effects of these revolutions were quite similar.

The shocking fall of communism in eastern and central europe
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