The relevance of psychology in south


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Psychological Assessment in South Africa

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I have served as a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist expert witness for over twenty years. It is of utmost importance that an even playing field be created in adversarial proceedings.

This prevailing situation raises serious questions about the relevance and legitimacy of Western psychology which psychologists in South Africa and Africa ought to interrogate. In this paper I argue that psychology that is at variance with the lived experiences and cultural practices of Africans cannot claim epistemological and ontological.

Community psychology is like social psychology and sociology in taking a group or systems approach to human behavior, but it is more applied than these disciplines and more concerned with using psychological knowledge to resolve social problems.

The debate about the relevance of South African psychology – A metatheoretical imperative. South African Journal of Psychology, 19(2), Sanders, D ().


Yuriy V. Karpov, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Touro College, New York, New York Alex Kozulin, The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning.

Feb 05,  · Forensic: Forensic psychology is when psychologists use their expertise for legal or criminal cases. Geropsychology: Geropsychology is the psychology of aging, something that is sure to gain importance with the graying of video-accident.coms:

Psychology The relevance of psychology in south
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