The queensland transport safety driving campaigns

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Road safety

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Bicycle helmet laws

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Smoking ban

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Media Statements

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Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q). Cairns Hep C Free Campaign. Carla Gorton, Rhondda Lewis, and Dr Ian Anderson of Cairns Sexual Health Service recently visited Northern Queensland PHN’s Cairns office to brief staff about the revolutionary new treatments for Hepatitis C.

These new treatments mean that it’s now realistic to plan and act to make ‘Cairns Hep C Free by ’.

Centre for Road Safety

Funded by the Australian Research Council, QUT, University of Queensland, Department of Transport and Main Roads, RACQ, Motor Accident Insurance Commission, and General Motors Holden, CARRS-Q’s driving simulator incorporates a complete Holden Commodore vehicle with working controls and instruments.

Stayin' Alive at is a campaign to pursue the adoption of a law that requires motorists to give cyclists metres clearance when passing from the rear.

Brake the road safety charity. Stopping the carnage. Caring for the victims. About Nolan's Interstate TransportNolan’s Interstate Transport’s head office and 4 depots are situated in the Gatton Shire, which is located in the Lockyer Valley of South East Queensland approximately 90 km west of shire is neighboured by the city of Toowoomba and the.

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