The positive and negative impacts of native american cultures on the environment before the european

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How Did European Migration Affect Native Populations?

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American Indians at European Contact

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American Indians at European Contact. Before that time, the continent was an unknown place to them. The introduction of European diseases to American Indians was an accident that no one expected.

Neither the colonists nor the Indians had a good understanding of. The most devastating impact was the introduction of European diseases, which wiped out roughly 90% of the native tribes within three decades of contact and made it much easier for European empires.

Cultural Impacts: Native Americans in America and Europeans Among the Cherokee

The arrival of European traders and settlers led to great changes in the lives of Native Americans. In the long struggle for land, trade, and food, the French, English, and Dutch formed complex relationships with the Indians- relationships that will shape the future of the North American Continent.

Sep 07,  · The positive effect is that Europeans made a lot of things available to the Indians they didn't have before. Horses, for instance, changed Indians' lives greatly, allowing them to hunt buffalo better, to migrate more easily, Resolved.

European settlement had overwhelmingly negative consequences for Native Americans. Though Native American tribes did occasionally form positive relationships with European settlers, permanent.

Some of the negative effects of the Age of Exploration were the huge death tolls suffered by Native American populations as a result of wars and transplanted European diseases, the destruction of pre-existing New World civilizations and the establishment of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

The positive and negative impacts of native american cultures on the environment before the european
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Europeans Effects on Native Americans - Colonial Immigration