The internationalization of chinese firms case

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The Uppsala Internationalization Model and its limitation in the new era

Haier has necessarily made the first step up to the only company transformation process. Do long-term institutional investors contribute to financial stability? – Evidence from equity investment in Hong Kong and international markets. This paper examines the patterns of, and motives for, internationalization by prominent market-seeking Chinese firms.

Case studies of these firms indicate that they are seeking technological and brand assets to create a competitive position in international markets. The Uppsala Model has been one of the most discussed dynamic theories in Nordic School and International Business Studies and has affected many researches in the way to explain the process of internationalization of companies.

The purpose of this article is to stimulate ideas for further research on the relations between the internationalization of Chinese firms and the media coverage. We use the case of Geely's acquisition of Volvo Cars, which was to a large extent negatively reported in the Swedish media during –, as inspiration to identify the.

The Internationalization of Chinese Firms Nan Zheng Doctor of Philosophy multiple case studies of Chinese firms’ cross-border mergers and acquisitions (CBMAs), it is revealed that, possessed with resource advantages in terms of Internationalization, Strategic Resources and.

This paper examines the patterns of, and motives for, internationalization by prominent market-seeking Chinese firms.


Case studies of these firms indicate that they are seeking technological and.

The internationalization of chinese firms case
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