The important role of bees in the pollination of flowers trees and crops

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Honeybee pollination of fruit tree crops

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List of crop plants pollinated by bees

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Learn how bees play an important role in agriculture. species of flower when gathering and transferring pollen even though the insect is attracted to a large variety of flowers.

Honey bees are also excellent at finding the most abundant and sweetest these species are not widely used in the pollination of agricultural crops.

But they. By keeping flowers pollinated, bees perpetuate floral growth and provide attractive habitats for other animals such as insects and birds.

Bees are easily amongst the most important insects to. The main insect pollinators, by far, are bees, and while European honey bees are the best known and widely managed pollinators, there are also hundreds of other species of bees, mostly solitary ground nesting species, that contribute some level of pollination services to crops and are very important in natural plant communities.

Some bees collect both nectar and pollen when landing on a flower which increases the chances of pollination. During the collection of nectar, when a bee lands on a flower the hairs on the bee’s body attracts pollen through electrostatic forces.

List of crop plants pollinated by bees

Pollination is one of the most important factors in fruit production. Many types of commonly grown fruit require pollination in order to bear satisfactory marketable crops. Some fruit trees may carry thousands of flowers, but unless there is adequate pollination, little if any fruit will be produced.

Orchard Pollination - The Role of Pollen Bees; Orchard Pollination - The Role of Pollen Bees precipitated the need to investigate potential alternative pollinators for fruit trees and other crops throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, little is known about the basic biology of most native bee species, much less their importance for crop.

The important role of bees in the pollination of flowers trees and crops
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