The importance of the alternating current ac of tesla and direct current dc of edison

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What's the difference between Alternating Current and Direct Current?

Edison's Revenge: Will Direct Current Make a Comeback in the U.S.?

Electricity flows in two ways: either in an alternating current (AC) or in a direct current (DC). Video Comparing Alternating and Direct Current. Edison vs Tesla; Current vs Voltage; Converter vs Inverter; Electric Field vs Magnetic Field. Tesla pointed out the inefficiency of Edison’s direct current electrical powerhouses that have been build up and down the Atlantic seaboard.

The secret, he felt, lay in the use of alternating current, because to him all energies were cyclic. Perhaps Tesla’s most famous and important idea, alternating current (AC), was an answer to his old boss Edison’s inefficient — as Tesla put it — use of direct current (DC) in the new.

Alternating current (AC) is easy to generate and use, with numerous advantages over direct current. In this lesson, we'll define AC, discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and provide a quiz.

Our present power transmission system uses three-phase alternating current (AC), and this was the invention of Nikola Tesla, an inventor from Serbia/Croatia who came to the U.S.

in Tesla’s biggest innovation was introducing alternating current as the standard for modern electric power, breaking Edison’s monopoly on direct current power.

Inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were opposite sides of the same coin.

The importance of the alternating current ac of tesla and direct current dc of edison
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Tesla AC Electricity