The importance of internet privacy and net neutrality to internet users in the modern era

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The end of net neutrality: What it all means

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Washington Post: Will the FCC’s net neutrality repeal grind the Internet to a halt?

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Will Net Neutrality Push the Internet Into an Era of Uncertainty?

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What Net Neutrality Means | How It Works

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What is Net Neutrality and Why Is It Important?

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Dec 14,  · The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality protections. internet privacy net neutrality, internet. Will Net Neutrality Push the Internet Into an Era of Uncertainty?

Average users won't notice much of a difference at first, but in the background, broadband network owners are scrambling to come to grips with other aspects of the net neutrality rules approved in February. The U.S Senate overturned Obama-era broadband privacy rules that required internet providers to seek permission to share their users’ web browsing history.

“ A victory for internet service providers and a blow to privacy advocates “, wrote David Shepardson of Reuters commenting on the development. UPDATE 11/12/ AT&T’s Randall Stephenson is now calling on Congress to enact Net Neutrality and privacy legislation.

Stephenson called for legislative clarity around the issue of broadband Internet access, citing that certain basic principles should be made into law. The Commission’s vote on these “net neutrality” rules was no doubt influenced by President Barack Obama who publicly urged the FCC to regulate broadband Internet services under Title II of the Communications Act of 3.


Comcast: We Must Kill Net Neutrality To Help The Sick And Disabled

Net Neutrality and Freedom of Expression. Net neutrality plays an equally important role in protecting freedom of expression. Article 10 of the ECHR ensures the right “to receive and impart ideas and information without interference”.

The importance of internet privacy and net neutrality to internet users in the modern era
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Net neutrality loss means more Americans should start using VPNs