The importance of being prepared and ready all the time

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Purposeful Leadership: 4 Strategies for Being Prepared

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The Importance of Being Prepared As a Police Officer

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The Importance Of Preparation

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Being Prepared in Every Area of Life Louis Pasteur once said, “in the field of observation, chance favors the prepared mind” ( Food storage is a good place to start, but preparedness extends to just about every part of a person’s life.

Seemingly all at the same time. One thing led to another, and I found myself scared and excited to enter new territory. As I adjust to full-time work while juggling freelance work, I can now reflect on the many ways I was unprepared for all of this.

Ready for Anything: The Importance of Being Prepared as a Photographer. Ready for Anything: The Importance of Being Prepared as a Photographer.

The Importance of Being Prepared

I will never forget the day my biggest fear as a photographer was realized. It was gut-wrenching. And as much as I had feared this happening, there was nothing that could prepare me for the unfathomable. The Importance of Being Prepared Before a Disaster Strikes Disasters strike in every corner of the world, during every season, and on different scales throughout the year.

“But, if you've decided to go out on a limb and kill one, for goodness' sake, be prepared. We all read, with dismay, the sad story of a good woman wronged in south Mississippi who took that option and made a complete mess of the entire thing.

The Importance of Being Prepared. Set aside a few cases of bottled water ready to grab, also some non perishable food: canned goods, a can opener, The last time we had time to pack, my insurance friend called and said take a video of the house and belongings.

So while I prepared I had my oldest walk around and video everything.

The importance of being prepared and ready all the time
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Matthew , The Importance of Being Prepared