The goal of the critically reflective teacher

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Reflective practice

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Program Goal IX: Reflection and Professional Development

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Questioning Assumptions and Challenging Perceptions: Becoming an Effective Teacher in Urban Environments [Connie L. Schaffer, Meg White, Corine Meredith Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

For a moment, consider “ you don’t know what you don’t know”. >What individuals know about urban schools is often based on assumptions and perceptions. As a teacher, I cannot imagine not reflecting as a regular part of my teaching practice.

Part of this is because, as a shy person who was also an extravert, I had. A third aspect of the failure of reflective teacher education to promote genuine teacher development is the clear emphasis on focusing teachers' reflections inwardly at their own teaching and students, to the neglect of consideration of the social conditions of schooling that.

Roseli is an enthusiastic educator in Brazil. Graduated in English and Portuguese, she works as an ELT consultant, teacher trainer, materials writer, Cambridge examiner and e-moderator. Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) is a public document that defines teacher quality through well-defined domains, strands, and indicators that provide measures of professional learning, competent practice, and effective engagement.

The PPST defines teacher quality in the Philippines. Becoming a Reflective Teacher An empowered teacher is a reflective decision maker who finds joy in learning and in investigating the teaching/learning process—one who views learning as construction and teaching as a facilitating process to enhance and enrich development.

The goal of the critically reflective teacher
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