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The Challenge of Decolonization in Africa

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Discuss the decolonization movement in the African continent since the end of World War By: Daniel Jarzyński Student Number: Course: Western Civilizations II Course Coordinator: Dr. Krzysztof Łazarski Date of submission: 4th December, 0 Introduction The topic of the essay is about the decolonization of Africa or in other words nationalists movements against the European colonial rule.

The Decolonisation of Ghana The History of the Gold Coast However, there was political opposition to British rule.

The United Gold Coast Conversion (UGCC) party by Dr J. B. Danquah in – “self government within the shortest possible time” – was the first organised political opposition to British rule, although opposition had existed since and the Ashanti-Fante Wars.

Ghana is a classical example of decolonization of an English colony after World War Two. A mix of nationalism, a foundation of self-rule and educated elite, men returning from serving in WW2, strong leadership, and a weakening of Europe's hold on colonies because of the devastation of World War Two made Ghana the vanguard of sub-Saharan African independence.

The Decolonisation of Ghana The History of the Gold Coast However, there was political opposition to British rule. The United Gold Coast Conversion (UGCC) party by Dr J.

B. Danquah in – “self government within the shortest possible time” – was the first organised political opposition to British rule, although opposition had existed since and the Ashanti-Fante Wars. Ghana was birth after independence and it has experienced a history of democracy and a mixture of coup d’états.

Comprehensive Essay on Decolonization

This reduced the beauty of the once vibrant democratic state to a state where the rights of many Ghanaians were imprisoned, beaten, killed by soldiers. The decolonisation of Africa was one of the historic moment in the history of the post-war world.

It captured the imagination of a new generation of idealists who declared ther belief in.

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