The canadian population crisis

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At-a-glance – What can social media tell us about the opioid crisis in Canada?

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Canadian immigration responses to the Syrian crisis - backgrounder

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Canada: Water Crisis Puts First Nations Families at Risk

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For comparison, only % of US citizens live abroad but more than 20% of New Zealanders live abroad. Inabout 54 per cent of the Canadian population aged 65 and older was women, increasing to nearly 65 per cent for those aged 85 and older, and to 89 per cent for centenarians.

Age Composition. Over time, the Canadian population has gradually aged.

The October Crisis: a Summary

Last month, the Canadian government said it would take in another 10, Syrian refugees, adding to the more than 25, the country has received in recent months.

For everyone's sake, let's do what we can to make sure that the boomers' have their last hurrah at home, in comfort, rather than in care – and in crisis. The current median age of the population is 39, that is, half the population is older and half younger.

Byit would reach between 43 and Init would be between 45 and Despite the scale of the crisis, Canada has done extremely little in terms of immigration responses. The Canadian Council for Refugees and the Syrian Canadian Council are calling for Canada to do more to offer a safe haven for some of the many Syrians uprooted by the conflict.

The canadian population crisis
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Canadian immigration responses to the Syrian crisis - backgrounder | Canadian Council for Refugees