The beginnings of the internet and its widespread use today

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A History of Open Source GIS, from Humble Beginnings to World-Changing Applications

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Chapter 1: The Internet and Multimedia

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Five Things to Watch That Will Shape the Internet's Future

The Internet, including email and the World Wide Web, came into widespread use by the General public in the. 's - proved to be more devastating to newspapers, in the sense of declining circulation, than other forms of media.

Internet piracy has also evolved significantly since its beginnings. The effects are particularly felt by multiple industries, including the music, movie and software industries. As a result of the overwhelming effects of piracy, many pieces of legislation have either been proposed or passed in the United States.

Today the Internet continues to grow, driven by ever greater amounts of online information, commerce, largely awaited invention and their eventual widespread adoption. The Internet was widely used for mailing lists, emails, e-commerce and early popular online shopping.

The beginnings of the internet and its widespread use today
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