The 1967 referendum essay essay

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The 1967 referendum essay

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Harold Holt

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Fifty years on from the referendum, it’s time to tell the truth about race May 29, pm EDT This essay is an excerpt from Chelsea Bond’s keynote address at the State Library of. Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful.

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The 1967 referendum essay Essay

This essay investigates the significance of the referendum. A printable copy of this essay with full bibliography can be downloaded here. The Referendum question on Aborigines arose in a time of growing awareness for indigenous issues both in.

The 1967 Referendum

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The referendum is about including Aboriginals people in the census and allowing the commonwealth to make laws for the aboriginals. At the same time of the referendum, harold Holt was the prime minister and liberal was in power.5/5(1).

Jan 25,  · by Tran Nguyen. Essay question. Altering Australia’s Constitution has proven to be quite difficult, but the referendum amending s51(xxvi) was a resounding success. Or was it successful? Additional Required Reading: Michael Kirby ‘Constitutional Law and Indigenous Australians: Challenge for a Parched Continent’ () 15 .

The 1967 referendum essay essay
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