Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth

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Maybe these questions are not fought to be answered…no, not now. She wraps so much of!!. Footnote to youth is the title of the story. It is said that it is a footnote to youth because it is abrief reminder for the Filipinos especially the youth of what a real life could be today.

It also indicatesthe sources or the causes why youth act this way.4/4(5). Essay on Youth Culture The 60’s and 70’s saw the rise of youth culture.

Youth culture can be seen as a particular pattern of beliefs, values, symbols and activities. Reflection To The Readers Of The Story Footnote To Youth SHORT STORY ANALYSIS Footnote to Youth Explain the title.

In what way is it suitable to the story?A footnote is an added information in a printed page. This time, the author wants to tell the readers using a story the Triumph of Youth and Love and then Life. Life did not fulfill all of Youth’s.

Footnote to Youth: Tales of the Philippines and Others

The title being Footnote to Youth immediately suggests that the whole of the story may be the actual footnote. What most readers often miss or take for granted (the footnote) becomes the main object.

What is the summary of

Footnotes also often suggest additional readings, references, and suggest that the word or phrase is of vital importance as compared to the rest of the text. May 16,  · This story shows us also ehat is youth now a days. We are fragile and sensitive.

There are lot of bad things that could influence us. People around ud can influence us its either positively or negatively. Its our decision what choice we will take. As a youth we should not rush things up.

In "Footnote to Youth" by José García Villa, Dudong asserts his supposed maturity and marries Teang at the age of

Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth
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