Harlem renaissance the influence and impact

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African-American literature

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Music & Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance

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Harlem Renaissance

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“ Smoketown brilliantly offers us a chance to see this other black renaissance and spend time with the many luminaries who sparked it It’s thanks to such a gifted storyteller as Whitaker that this forgotten chapter of American history can finally be told. This project includes over one-hundred and fifty websites providing biographies of writers, poets, artists, musicians, entertainers, activists, thinkers, and leaders of the Harlem Renaissance movement.

The phenomenon known as the Harlem Renaissance represented the flowering in literature and art of the New Negro movement of the s, epitomized in The New Negro (), an anthology edited by Alain Locke that featured the early work of some of the. Harlem brought notice to great works that might otherwise have been lost or never produced.

The results were phenomenal. The artists of the Harlem Renaissance undoubtedly transformed African American culture. But the impact on all American culture was equally strong. For. Harlem soon becomes one of these havens for culture, thus the Harlem Renaissance begins. Because of the Harlem Renaissance, almost anybody with any money what so ever, can become an artist.

Massive amounts of literature and art are now being produced by the everyday person. Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissance was a significant event in the history of the United States of America. The Harlem Renaissance centered on the culture of African-Americans and took place at the end of the American Civil War in This era gave rise to .

Harlem renaissance the influence and impact
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