Clare as a foil character in the novel passing by nella larsen

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‘Passing” by Nella Larsen Essay Sample

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Nella Larsen's critique of Harlem Renaissance in Passing

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Passing by Nella Larsen

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Double Consciousness and the Perception of Identity in Nella Larsen’s Passing One such novel, Nella Larsen’s Passing, focuses primarily on the effects that double consciousness has on racial identity. The novel’s conflict is rooted in main character Clare’s passing, unlike Irene’s, is permanent, and this racial switch upsets.

After the publication of her second novel, Passing (), Larsen was awarded the first Guggenheim Fellowship given to an African American woman, establishing her as a premier novelist of the Harlem Renaissance. Nella Larsen died in New York in /5(61).

Larsen’s second novel, Passing, is also concerned with the complexities of racial identity. Passing is the story of Clare Kendry, a mixed race woman who passes for white and marries a white man. Eventually, however, Clare risks her husband’s discovery of her true identity because she feels compelled to go to Harlem and spend time with.

In her novel "Passing," Nella Larsen explores the themes of racial identity, sexual politics and racism. Using two female characters who can pass as white and African-American, she explores what happened when trying to pass as one race or the other during the Harlem Renaissance of the s.

Critical Review of Passing by Nella Larsen The novel “The Passing”, stresses strongly on the capability of individuals being able to identify their race and background while others fall short on wanting to tell the truth on who they are.

As I am reading Passing from Nella Larsen, to my understanding, the word “passing” refers to a black person passing himself/herself for white.

We can see that Clare easily passes for a white woman and that even her husband does not know that she is a “negro”. The word “passing” may however have a deeper meaning.

Clare as a foil character in the novel passing by nella larsen
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