An overview of the internets pornographic material and the use of profanity filters on the internet

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I suggest that you be extremely careful when considering a new idea. Cheers David Internet Filtering Ordinance Spurs New Debate The Internet contents filtering ordinance, to be put into effect from July to prevent children from being exposed to offensive or pornographic websites, is brewing new controversy between freedom of information and the government's attempt to control cyberspace.

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Introduction. In yesterday’s article, I gave an overview of new brain research that has exposed internet pornography as a powerfully addictive narcotic. I also mentioned that, from a legal and constitutional standpoint, the First Amendment is the ultimate hurdle to clear in order to regulate or prosecute internet pornography.

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regulate the dissemination of pornographic material on the Internet when it was from AWR at Texas A&M University. regulate the dissemination of pornographic material on the Internet; The lack of online filters that are available to enforce legislation.

b. First Amendment protections related to free speech%(4).

An overview of the internets pornographic material and the use of profanity filters on the internet
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Profanity, Propriety, Censorship and Semantics