An overview of the effects of earthquakes and the kobe earthquake of 1995

Earthquake Effects

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Kobe Earthquake Effects

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Many hamlet faults such as at Northridge never moving the surface, ruling out direct beginnings. Check new design of our homepage!. Even though the effects of Kobe earthquake were not as intense as that of the Great Kanto earthquake (), there was a lot for the mankind to learn from this natural disaster.

Continue reading for more information on this earthquake, with emphasis on its aftermaths. Oct 10,  · GCSE geography kobe earthquake case study Japan— Overview of Earthquakes & Tectonics - Duration: GCSE Geography- Effects of the Haiti Earthquake -. The earthquake that hit Kobe during the winter of measured a massive on the Richter scale (or on the more current Moment magnitude scale).

At this plate margin, the Pacific plate is being pushed under the Eurasian plate, stresses build up and when they are released the Earth shakes. The earthquake hit at am on Tuesday, Jan. 17,in the southern part of Hyōgo prefecture, west-central Honshu.

It lasted about 20 seconds and registered as a magnitude ( on the Richter scale). At in the early morning of January 17,a magnitude earthquake rocked the city of Kobe and its vicinity. It was Tuesday, and most of the people were still deep asleep after a.

Effects:The earthquake devastated large parts of the capital Port-au-Prince and resulted in massive loss of life making it one of the most destructive earthquakes of all time.

Primary effects:people were destroyed by the ground shaking.

An overview of the effects of earthquakes and the kobe earthquake of 1995
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