An analysis of the religious theme in christopher smarts poem jubilate agno

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Christopher Smart

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Jubilate Agno: Fragment D

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Jubilate Agno: Fragment B Part 3

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For the thesis of God is a speech on my side—no thwack what other weapon a final or a straw. Jubilate Agno has 44 ratings and 6 reviews: Published March 31st by Greenwood Press, pages, Hardcover/5. Christopher Smart was born on April 11, in Shipbourne, Kent, England.

His father, a steward on the estate of Lord Vane, died when Smart was eleven. Smart attended the Durham School and was later educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, where he was well known for his Latin verses. Jeoffry: An Example for Mankind Jubilate Agno is Christopher Smart's poem which illustrates at first glance a testament to his religious obsession and his deteriorated mental state.

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Here's a short bio on Mr. Smart. If you'd like to know more about him, just Google! Christopher Smart was born in in Shipbourne, Kent, England. In the s Smart developed a form of religious mania that compelled him to continuous prayer.

Smart’s insight is clearer and stronger when the message is wrought from Jeoffry’s life and interpreted through Smart’s own. Jubilate Agno differs from Smart’s other religious poetry (some, such as “The Song of David,” is much better as poetry) in its intensely personal nature.

Smart interweaves biblical names with those from the newspaper of .

An analysis of the religious theme in christopher smarts poem jubilate agno
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