A discussion on the hypocricy of the church

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Is the church full of hypocrites?

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Why are there hypocrites in the church?

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The hypocrisy of professing Christians has served as an excuse for many to disregard the claims of Christ, saying, “The church is full of hypocrites.” The hypocrisy of Christian leaders has caused many believers to stumble.

If you want to know why the church seems to encourage hypocrisy, the answer is twofold. Firstly, people are weak and cannot help but be hypocritical. Secondly, the Church asks man to be strong.

I suppose it is best pictures thus; the Church is not the individual within, but the sum of all its working parts. Oct 24,  · Is the seperation of Church and State hypocrisy?

Discussion in 'North American Politics' started by Reverend Rick, Oct 20, public with a survey) recounting that your spirituality discussion group has been discussing hypocrites in the church. Ask them their opinion of where they see hypocrisy in society in general or in religion.

Jun 20,  · I understand your faith in the Roman Church, but it's a naive faith dusty, a faith you've accepted without question, without study, without using the brain.

The shameful hypocrisy of our double standards on religion. Damon Linker. Hanan Isachar/Godong/Corbis. May 8, Frank Bruni's column on Wednesday took aim at the Catholic Church for hypocrisy.

A discussion on the hypocricy of the church
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