12th international writing across the curriculum conference little rock

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International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference

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The Center for Writing and the Office of Undergraduate Education at the University of Minnesota are delighted to announce a call for proposals for the 12th International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (IWAC), to be held in the Commons Hotel on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, June 12–14, After meeting Evan, I concluded that he was a man whom I could trust with my baby.

Evan has helped me to touch the lives of many families across the USA and around the world in a very positive way. Fellows Corner – Posts about Writing Across the Curriculum “Non-Stress Tests,” Assessment, and the Body 8th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing.

Last year’s conference was our most successful yet. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

12th international writing across the curriculum conference little rock
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